On this page, originally set up to encourage journey sharing to save fuel, we publish requests/offers of transport to/from Mani for people, animals or things! If you email your message including details of the journey, timing and contact information, we will publish it. However, it is up to the people involved to make their arrangements, and the PsM can take no responsibility for the information we publish.. Messages are in journey date order.
Note: From Feb2016, the date  the message was published, is at the end of the message.



February 15th WANTED: Mani (Riglia) to Athens on 15/02/17 to catch 1400hrs flight back to Edinburgh. If anybody is travelling on this date, I would be happy to share the cost. Jacky Malcolm jacky\ (17-1-17)
February 14th. WANTED Stoupa – Athens Airport. Looking for 1-2 people to share a taxi - Leaving Stoupa around 17.00 to arrive 20-00 Approx. Or If anyone has transport arranged and 2 free seats we would be happy to share costs. Please contact Keith klplawley\googlemail (29-1-17)

February 3rd. WANTED: Athens airport to Kalamata. My husband is arriving on the easyjet flight from Gatwick landing at 19.25. If anyone can offer him a lift please call me on 27210 73267 or email: Happy to share costs (2-2-17)
February 1st WANTED: I'm arriving in Athens at 13.45 on the 1st Feb....easy jet flight from Manchester. If anyone would be willing to give me a lift to Kalamata I'd be most grateful. (Mags Newton) Obviously I will pay! My uk mobile number is 07543427729 or greek one 6955441551 (24-1-7)
February 1st WANTED: Athens to the Mani, ultimate destination Riglia, but anywhere from Kalamata onwards would do. Arriving Athens from Edinburgh 1320hrs on 01/02/17 If anybody is travelling on this date, I would be happy to share the cost. Jacky Malcolm jacky\ (17-1-17)

Following Gaia's request for help with transporting goods from the UK, several people responded, but for various reasons, were unable to help at the time. However, it prompted us to add this section for offers/requests for transporting goods. where people who are driving to/from Athens, UK or other countries, can offer space for 'things', and people can request transport for goods


December 17th: OFFERED - Taking a dog to England: Message from Phil Cooke who owns the Petalidi kennels:- " I am taking our friends' dog to Brussels on Saturday (17th) and she is then going onwards to England with her new owners. As I can take another dog with me as well, I was wondering if anybody needs transport to England and is willing to share the cost? I am not charging anything for my services, so the cost would be €280 each." Contact Phil on 6940979772, 6940979837 or philcooke250\yahoo (12-12-16)

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