Parea Committee

The Parea sti Mani has an informal voluntary committee of local residents who oversee the activities of the Parea. Funds are raised by holding the occasional bazaar, advertising on the website and donations. The funds go towards maintaining the website, supporting local community work and charities. The committee decides which activity to support, when sufficient funds are available.

Committee Members 2016
Christina-Maria Sittka (founder), Walter and Ursula Kagel (Treasurer), Christina Constantios (Gaia, Patriko), Nikos Thomeas(Greek Options), Annamarie Petsis Jones (The Olive Grove )

Parea Activities/Events
The committee does not run activities directly, but provides support for individuals and groups who wish to organise events/activities for local people, by publicity through the Parea website and emailing list.

Anyone interested in joining the Parea committee, or helping in other ways, should contact Christina-Maria on 27210 77402, email - or -


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