Educational programs for the "Culture of Civilization" in Farm Foifa

We invite you to meet and attend the first information meeting

on 16.10.2016, at 17.00-19.00,

With innovative educational programs,
carried out at our farm on the "culture of civilization" through the theme: -
Sustainable farming, Traditional and Natural Farming
The cycle of seed-seed; Sporofylakon Create Bank Network
Composting-Composting Network
Recognition and use of medicinal herbs in our daily lives
creative Reuse
Cottage industry.

It is an environmental and cultural organization aimed at spreading the "culture of civilization".
The work is based on two main axes:
   a) the self-management of waste and
   b) the self-management of our food.
1. Creation and development of the first and only network of neighborhood composting in Greece and in Europe, where the waste producers of the urban fabric, become producers of their own compost, which they can use for their own use and free.
2. Creation and development of a demountable Open Seed Bank in the Peloponnese with over 300 varieties of traditional species.
3.The Natural Farming Foifa farm is a unique eco-cultural space, education, information and various activities.,
4. Inside the farm, Rural Collection former Rural Messinia station created and maintained and preserved the first pottery in our region, which worked with Water Power.
Through these rescued key cultural elements of culture culture, from which emerges the wisdom of older generations in land management and respect held against it, showing us the way to a meaningful contact with nature through the utilization of its resources and not the temporary exploitation.   email
  Their mailing address is: Re: Think Cooperative · Farma Fifa Permaculture · Iroon Politexniou · Kalamata, Messinia 24 100 · Greece
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