Support Group

Parea sti Mani has organized a group of people working without asking for money, only for welfare.

The Support Group will have a list of telephone numbers of doctors, clinics, taxis, police and emergency services, such as fire brigade, mountain and cave rescue, harbor police and coastguard services.

Name Telephone Mobile Languages
Christina-Maria 27210-77402 6972977638 German, Greek, English
Ed 27210-64044 6946587114 Swed, English, German, French, some Greek
Ala 27210-73952 - English, Hebrew ,Polish ,Greek, Dutch
Wendy 27210-78240 6979496867 English, Greek
Shelley   6932589208 English, Greek
Eva 27210 -77013 6972775870 German, English, Greek


In case of emergency, Gaia is the best first step. They have contact with the other emergency services, and can usually arrange for appropriate help
Gaia Base in Ag Nikolaos 27210 79199 or
Christina Constantios Tel 27210 78065 /69 7238 8217 (ελληνικά - english)
Kostas Xideas 697 3986747 (ελληνικά - espaniol)
Roland Mueller 697 3272518 (deutsch - english - ελληνικά)


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