Greek National Cadastre Process


The information has provided by Voula Spyrea, Attorney at law.

Mandatory registration of property for the creation of the Greek National Cadastre, starts on Monday the 25th of February 2019, for the Peloponnese.

A. General information.
 This is the general information about the Cadastre process and it includes the information for the majority of the real estate of the area.
Further documents are required for special cases.

1.    What is the National Cadastre.

It is a list of all real estate, in which will be registered the spatial description of property and legal rights on it, like  ownership , right of use, long time rentals, leasing, etc. The Cadastre is a   process for the complete recording of land and legal rights on it,    of the real estate in Greece.

2.    The process has started some years ago for some parts of Greece and from Monday the 25th of February 2019 is starting, among other areas, in the area of West Mani. All people who own properties must register.

3.    The first phase of land registration is the declarations by people, who have property rights in the area under cadastre. The registration is mandatory.
If a property belongs to more than one person, everyone who has a legal right on the property, must declare the property, in separate registrations.  

4.    In the area of Mani and Messenia the system will open on the 25th of February 2019 and all property owners in the area, are obliged to declare their property in the system, within 3 months if they are domestic residents or 6 months if they live abroad.

5.     Process after  the first  declaration

After completion of the process of declarations, temporary cadastral tables and diagrams will be drawn up. These informations, will be uploaded in the National System and all owners will be informed. At this point, owners will be able, either to confirm that everything is correct or apply for correction or  errors or objections. The deadline for the objection applications, will be 2 months. After the examination of the above mentioned applications, the cadastral tables, will be reformed and finalised.

6. The difference between the new Cadastre and the existing Land Registry.
The registration in the cadastre will be a complete recording of all information for every property, including both, info about the land  and legal rights on it and will provide access to a complete database. The Cadastre is a new electronic system and will provide people   and the State, precise information about the real estate of Greece. It will replace the old Registration system, which currently applies and is supported by Notaries.

7.    Non declared properties.

After the finalization of the Cadastre Registration, all properties that will have not been declared, will be characterized as of “unknown owner”. The owners , will have the right to claim legally, only financial compensation and not taking back the ownership of  their properties.
The period, during which someone can declare, a property will last 7 years after the beginning of the operation of the National Cadastre of the area.  In this case, when registration will be done later  and after the set deadline,  fines will apply .   

B.  Registration process and documents needed (Phase 1)

1)    Photocopy of your Deeds ( contract of purchase) ( 2 copies)
2)    Registration certificate (2 copies)
3)    Photocopy of the passport or Identity Card (2 copies)
4)    Topographic plan (2 copies). If there’s already a topographic plan, can be used. However, for safety and accuracy in the description of the real estate, it would be better if, the topographic plan, complies with the Coordinate Network of EGNAs '87.  In this way , it will be precise and it will ensure the  correct identification of boundaries, especially in  the area of Mani. A civil engineer or a surveyor engineer, can help you with this.
5)    Building permit or other relevant documents (E-9 tax form), stating the surface of the building. This document is necessary in the case, when a plot has been bought first and then the house was built. (2 copies)
6) Official certificate, on which is stated your AFM (the Greek Tax Number).
This certificate, can be a DEI bill or your Greek tax return certificate) (2 copies).
7) The receipt of the payment of the electronic fee. Without it, the registration  
cannot be completed.
8) Contact details: address, telephone number and email.

Make sure you provide the system with all the contact details, in order to be informed for all steps of the process.
I advise to make 2 copies  of every document, in order to get one with the protocol number,  after it will have been deposited to the National Cadastre Office  , and keep it  in your records, until the process will be finalized.

1)    After having collected all necessary documents, an official form with all the details of the owner, the property details and the  legal rights on it, must be filled and delivered to the Office of National Cadastre.
2)    In the form will be attached : a) the above mentioned documents  , b) the receipt for the payment of the fee to the State.
3)     A fee of 35 euro,  must be paid , for every legal right on the property, which is  characterized as main area (apartment, house, office),  and 20 euro for every legal right, in auxiliary spaces (parking places, warehouse etc).  The fee must be paid electronically.
Only after the payment of the fee, the registration process will have been completed.

If you are not present to deposit the form with the attached on it documents, you may authorize someone else to do it.

Some examples of fee payment to the State, depending on the number of properties, owners and legal rights,  registered:
1)    1 property -  1 owner with the right of full possession =35 euro
2)    1 property – 2 owners, 50% each with the right of full possession = 35 euro, each one of them.
3)    1 property- 1 owner with the legal right of ownership and 1 with the right of use of the property = 35 euro each one of them.
4)    2 properties- 1 owner ,with the right of full ownership of every property = 35 euro for each property, total 70 euro.
5)    2 properties – 2  owners, 50% each with the right of full ownership = 35 euro, each one of them, for every property = 70 euro each.

The information has provided by Voula Spyrea, Attorney at law.