Hello from Annamarie

Posted August 14, 2017

Dear Readers

I am sorry we have not been able to avoid a break in service from the Parea sti Mani, but there were a number of last minute problems with the hand over of the website, just before Claire retired. I am gradually taking on the role of coordinating the editorial team, and hope to start regular posts from  1st September.

However, we have just published a new event which will help raise much needed funds for GAIA. Apart from money to register their rescue vehicle as an ambulance, they now need to replace the engines of two of their vehicles that were wrecked during their battle with the Vasiliki Forest fires in mid July.  At 20:30 on Saturday  August 19th, in Frigano, there will be a showing of the award winning film 'In the Nest of Time' **. Tickets are 5€, which includes a free drink. All proceeds will be donated to gaia logoGAIA.

If you have any other ideas for raising funds, news/information that you think would be of interest to our readers, or issues you think we should investigate, please send details, including links and pictures if possible, to the new contact address for the Parea sti Mani     Also please let us know of any updates about events etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Annamarie Petsis 
Coordinating Editor for the Parea sti Mani

PS As we are all very new to this, please be patient, but don't hesitate to tell us if we have got something wrong.

** ' IN THE NEST OF TIME'. A Documentary Film by Alexandros Papailiou and Charas Fragou.
The journey, the actions, the motives for the choice in their life, their small and great moments, while they, older by fifteen years now, answer the question what real life and true desire is. What is the benefit and what is their relationship with Poverty and Wealth respectively? How did they interpret and allocate their day-to-day time? What are the consequences of the time shelter that they have gradually built?

The viewer willl see all these taking place within the rich ecosystems of Greece and the local communities struggling to eventually redefine development and real life.