GAIA Newsletter 2019/3

Dear members and friends,

The fire-fighting period has begun and the work of GAIA's volunteers continues. In the months of March, April, May and June, GAIA volunteers were called on to assist at the following:

Car accidents: 9

First aid provision:21

Missing persons search: 3

Fires; 7

Wild animals treated: 7


GAIA also offers support to needy members of the community. Thanks to donations from the public, GAIA is able to offer help and show solidarity to those less fortunate. Distributions of donations were made as follows:

Food: to 18 families

Clothes: to 40 families

Paramedical items (crutches, wheelchairs etc): to 16 people

However, GAIA depends solely on donations, and there is an urgent need for the following items:

Disposable nappies

Baby food (creams, powdered milk etc)

Personal hygiene items (sanitary napkins, shower gel, shampoo etc)

Plastic bottle tops are being collected locally, and deposited at the base. The tops are then forwarded by GAIA to the organisation "Look to the Stars", which in turn contributes them to the project for buying wheelchairs for children in need of such mobility aids.

A word of appreciation to Dr Genth: thanks to his knowledge of the current situation, GAIA continues to cooperate with the social clinic in Athens, by offering medical equipment and medicines.

As you may already have noticed, GAIA is trying to give the base a more attractive appearance, having planted trees and erected fencing. The fencing is also a safety measure for the puppies, who are now being trained as rescue dogs.

As every year,  we are preparing for our annual party (panigiri), which will take place at the base:

on 20th of July 2019 at 9 pm

Anyone who would like to help is very welcome!!!!!

Yours sincerely

Georgia Spanou