Goodbye from Claire

Posted July 31, 2017

~~~ Parea sti Mani ~~~
of Editor


Dear Readers

This will be my last posting on the Parea sti Mani as editor. After I hand over on August 1st, there will be no updates.for a while, but the site will still be available, and I have already posted a lot of information about events in coming weeks. 

It seems a long time since, as a relative newcomer to Mani, I just offered to 'help' Gunilla with the English part of the website. She had started the website in English, Greek and German,  three years earlier, in 2006, when the Parea sti Mani Association was providing much of the impetus for local activities to get started.  

For various reasons, within a year, I was more of less editing the whole site on my own. I have always been conscious that I have not lived up to the ambition of the Parea sti Mani to provide information in 3 languages,  but with only very basic Greek & German, and no-one to help with the German & Greek on a regular basis, I felt that my time was better spent providing as much as possible in English.

As the years progressed, the site evolved and grew, but the program I used to edit, became increasingly unreliable, as computer technology developed, and 'old' programs were no longer supported. Eventually, in 2015, after a lot of work, and a great deal of technical help, we launched  a completely new version of the website.  Mostly, it retained the content of the old site, although re-organized a little to take account of the changing needs of the community.

The new editor program has many more tools for designing layout, which have enabled me  to take up the challenge of providing content  that can be viewed on small screens (tablets & phones) as well as laptops, but there is always more to be done, and more that needs changing/updating. Over the years, the readership of the site has grown steadily, and  increasingly, people have been accessing the site on small screens. Now, more than half the viewings are on small screens!

I have thoroughly enjoyed editing the website ( except when there are power/computer problems!) which I am told, has become a valuable source of information for the community, but much would not have been possible without  the help I have had from you, the readers, who have offered information, news, requests and ideas, as well as pointing out  my mistakes!  The  Parea sti Mani  was set up to  "....  bring together the different nationalities who live in the Mani, and more importantly, encourage people to take part in a variety of activities such as dance, discussion, theatre, yoga, art, community and philanthropic works."   To this end, I have tried to develop the website as an online  community 'notice board' for all who live in, or visit the Mani, encouraging local initiatives, supporting local businesses, especially new ones, and reporting any issues that may affect people here in Mani. Sometimes this has meant rejecting certain topics, but when this seems necessary, the PsM committee** can act as arbitrator.

Thank you again for your support and especially those readers who have made such kind comments about my efforts. Maintaining the website is quite time consuming, especially when my curiosity sends me delving into background resources which, increasingly, have included Greek Facebook pages! The new editorial team have had a daunting time, not only learning the technicalities of the editor program, but also about the content - why it is there, where it comes from, how and when is it updated etc.,  and they will be very dependent on support from readers, especially to start with.  As a reminder of ways you can help, see YOUR HELP.  I hope that with your help, the PsM website will continue providing a service to the community, for many years.

I must also thank the businesses that advertise on the site. In recent years they have contributed around  1,000 euros/year  to the PsM charity fund, much of which has gone to help Gaia. COMMUNITY SUPPORT

Best wishes to you all, wherever in the world you are viewing this.

Goodbye - Auf Wiedersehen - Αντιο σας

** There will be several new members of the Parea sti Mani Committee, after I retire. So far Nikos Thomeas, Christina Constantios and Annamarie Petsis Jones have agreed to be members .