Elwira and Elias, your local housefinders with international network
Housefinders Peloponnese.com

Real Estate Service - Nomitsi 0, 240 23 PLATSA
AFM: 801930817 - ΔΟΥ: KALAMATA

8 reasons why you should hire us to sell/buy a house or plot in the Peloponnese or to rent/let out your home:

1. We work with a mix of Greek creativity and European structure and trust.
2. We work with reliable lawyers and a few Real Estate Agencies from Messinia and Argolis
3. We speak Greek, English, Swedish and Polish.
4. We are not a big company and every single question is important for us.
5. We will never promise you something we can not deliver
6. We always work with those who we know and trust.
7. We deliver answers and solutions quickly.
8. We still remember our own hunting and we know how we can help you.

Please visit our web pages for more information about us:

Or contact us directly:
+46 703 247 949 (Elwira)
+30 697 1537 389 (Elias)


We deliver answers and solutions quickly. Simply email us your needs (hi@houseinpeloponnese.com) and we will email you or call you back.
You can also call us on: +46 703 247 949 (Elwira) or +30 697 1537 389 (Elias). 



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