Together in the Mani

Parea sti Mani (Παρέα στη Μάνη)
The aims of Parea sti Mani are to provide information about important events in the area, information about Greek law which might affect residents in the area, and information which could be useful in emergency situations.

We would like to mention the following, applicable to all requests for information to be included on the PsM site. We do NOT publish any political recommendations, either for candidates or parties, any "hidden" advertising for products or businesses, and any advice on health matters, nutrition, restaurants etc. We appreciate objective information, but not personal opinions.

Parea Committee:

Christina-Maria Sittka (founder),

There is an informal voluntary committee of local residents who oversee the activities of PsM. Funds are raised by advertising on the website and donations. The funds go towards maintaining the website, supporting local community work and charities. The committee decides which activity to support, when sufficient funds are available.

Committee Members 2023:

Bianca van der Zalm (Content - Webmaster - Adverts). Looking for new members, send email if interested.

Parea Activities/Events

The committee does not run activities directly, but publishes information on the PsM site for individuals and groups who wish to organise events/activities for local residents.


Please email us for more information and costs:

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