PAYING circulation tax on-line
In terms of paying, it comes down to using the code you get when printing circulation tax details. If your Greek bank supports payment of these types of bill online, it should be easy. However, the English translation on Eurobank can require a little application! I didn't have to register. If you're outside Greece, the online system is brilliant and avoids all sorts of messing around getting people to go to offices to pay bills.
NB apparently it's possible to get fined the amount of the road tax, for non-payment !


Here's a link to the guide to pay your road tax:

December 2020: For the payment of taxes on motor vehicles  (see link below)

You do not need to go through the home page of 'Taxisnet' ( You can go direct to


On the first screen, click on the right hand button [ ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ] to get the page where you input your tax number (AΦΜ) and and registration number. '
Enter details, click left hand button and then the middle one, and the form appears with your details for payment.

Take this form to the Post office, Mani Money or a bank to pay it before December 31st.

On-line vehicle information available. We have been advised that the Greek Police will now be checking the registration of all British registered cars. This follows the improved on-line service from the DVLA (see below). We understand that from November, a similar service in Germany, will enable them to check German registered cars too.


Vehicle information from DVLA available online - All you'll need is the vehicle's make and registration number. GET VEHICLE INFO FROM DVLA

The Post office or Mani Money will process road tax payments so long as you have the printed renewal form and pay cash, without further information!.

Your accountant will NOT now accept a money transfer in order to pay your road tax.
Also, if you ask a friend to pay for you at Kardamyli Post Office, they will be asked for your telephone number and Passport Number before they will process it!


Withdrawing a vehicle from circulation:-
To do this, you need to visit a tax office in person and bring the following items:
a. Άδεια κυκλοφορίας αυτοκινήτου/Circulation permit
b. Πινακίδες/License plates
c. Φωτοτυπία της δήλωσης εισοδήματος που να αποδεικνύεται ποιος είναι ο κάτοχος του Ι.Χ./Photocopy of income tax statement to prove you own the vehicle
d. Το αποδεικτικό ότι έχουν πληρωθεί τα τέλη του 2013/Receipt proving you paid circulation tax for 2013. All past taxes must be paid as a prerequisite.
e. E9 statement showing that you own or rent a space to park the stationary vehicle. If you do not own or rent a parking space, a friend or relative with a parking space can sign a dilosi stating they are letting you use theirs and have it stamped at the police station. Present this along with a photocopy of their E9.

It is not necessary to have insurance on a withdrawn vehicle.
Extract from the article in Living in Greece - Circulation Tax . This has information about renewing your tax before a detailed section about withdrawing a vehicle.


November - Ekathimerini

All you need is your vehicle registration number, your Greek tax number (AΦΜ) and a printer connected

First go to the main site

In the headings, the second box is 'On Line Services'
[ ...............] [ On Line services] [...........................][..................................]

With the cursor on the box you get a dropdown menu - the second item is 'services to citizens' - click on it and a new page opens
[Services to Citizens]

The new page has several main headings down the page - you need the second
>> Income Tax E1
>> Traffic Fees Forms Έντυπα Τελών Κυκλοφορίας
>> Print Application Fees Motor Traffic Εφαρμογή Εκτύπωσης Τελών Κυκλοφορίας Αυτοκινήτων
>> Useful information Χρήσιμες πληροφορίες

Click on the 'Print Application Fees Motor Traffic' and a new panel opens welcoming you to the printing services
Click on the blue button bottom right [ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ] and another panel opens

Here you need to enter your details
[AΦΜ tax number] [Αριθμός Κυκλοφορίας registration number]

Click the LEFT hand button to search for your form
[ Search ] [ Print ] [ Clear]

If you have entered details correctly, a similar panel will appear saying details found, and you will be prompted to print - press the middle button

[ Search ] [Print ] [ Clear ]

The form with your details,( including name and amount to pay), which is in 2 parts, should then print out.The formatting is automatic

Take this form to the Post office or a bank to pay it before December 31st.


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