We have been collecting information about what can recycled and where. Some numbered notes below the table [eg red bins (7) ] have more information and links. If you know of any other things that can be recycled and where, or have any updates on the information, please let us know on



  Aluminium cans eg beer, soft drinks rinse & flatten Blue Bins
Katerina's supermarket
  Bags and belts for reuse clean items RED bins (7) Kalamata Kalamata and many other places in Greece
  Batteries from electrical appliances   Many Supermarkets
Old Town Hall
  Books English, Greek or German suitable for resale Gaia Base,
Stoupa bazaars
Ag Nikolaos Stoupa Jan 2016 - NO more wanted at the moment, but some bars etc still interested eg Neriedes
  Builders rubble and other construction waste clean, separate   Gaia base Ag Nikolaos
Stavropigio (11)
used for road repairs, hard core
  Cardboard boxes eg cereal packets, electrical device packaging open out and flatten Blue bins
Katerina's supermarket
  Clothing good quality   Local collection   Jina will buy good quality items.27250 22006,69836 26094 or email
  Clothing all reuseable clothing clean items Gaia Base Local Things for children or adults
  Clothing all clothing including old and worn items clean items RED bins Kalamata Kalamata and many other places in Greece
  Computers     Contact Rodger Sauer Neochori Rodger will repair or recycle computers for spares etc - phone 69796 56673
  Cooking oil
(October 2015)
waste oil from restaurants
ALSO now waste domestic oil
  AB (2) tanks outside supermarkets Kalamata In collaboration with REVIVE, waste oil is converted to biofuel. For each litre of oil recycled, 3 cents is donated to WWF
  (Cooking oil)
waste oil from homes & restaurants   Various collection points planned locally Stoupa Bio 3 will collect locally. Waste oil is converted to bio fuel (5)
  Electrical Goods
Eg stoves, refrigerators   WHITE CONTAINER
or use
Kalamata recycling
Stoupa Arrange delivery time, as container is kept locked(10) (January 2016)
  Electrial goods SMALL phones, lamps, toasters etc   Health centre
Town Hall
Old Town Hall
Ag Nikolaos

Green bin  (December 2016)
  Food waste a) eg vegetable peelings, stale food well mixed up gardens/olive groves
  Food waste b) eg bones, meat cheese unsuitable for composting   offer to pet owners Local  
  Garden waste branches, other vegetation   olive groves away from property Local Scatter, or burn (Nov-May ONLY) with permission of land owner!
  Glass pieces of flat glass at least 15x15cm clean Irida handmade glass Kardamyli clear or frosted glass (8)
  Glass bottles interesting colours & shapes NO beer or wine bottles rinse Irida handmade glass Kardamyli NO broken bottles (8)
  Glass packaging bottles, jars empty and wipe/rinse out Blue bells (May 2015) Local Plenty of locations locally
  Jewellery, beads     Local collection Koroni Jina will buy good quality items.27250 22006,69836 26094 or email
  Light bulbs all kinds including neon strip lights   Panagiotopoulos supermarket
Town Hall
Old Town Hall

Many other supermarkets.
A&B recycle 98%
  Medicines Expired, unused or part used pharmaceutical products   Collecting boxes outside pharmacies Local (6)These products are collected in pharmacies and delivered for efficient destruction under supervision of the National Medicines Agency
  Mirrors Flat mirror or pieces at least 15x15cm   Irida handmade glass Kardamyli Pieces can be made into ornamental mirrors (8)
  Mobile phones   remove SIM fonebank buy old mobile phones Post (3) NOT charger, cables or accessories
  Paper cartons milk, juice, cartons rinse and flatten Blue bins Local  
  Paper packaging wrappers, carrier bags   Blue bins
Katerina's supermarket
no bits under A4 eg tickets
  Plastic bottles Eg drinks, detergents,oil rinse and flatten remove tops Blue bins
Katereina's Supermarket
Local NB TOPS collected separately
see below
  Plastic bottle/carton tops (Jan 2016) eg milk, juice, water rinse Koloveas supermarket, Katerinas supermarket
Gaia Base
Ag Nikolaos, Stoupa
Funds from recycling used for wheelchairs
  Plastic containers Eg butter, yogourt, toothpaste, carrier bags Rinse/wipe out Blue bins
Katerina's supermarket
Local (1 )NOT BIODEGADEABLE carrier bags These should be used for waste disposal
  Printers with cables   Contact Rodger Sauer Neochori Rodger will repair or recycle old printers for spares etc - phone 69796 56673
  Printer ink and toner Cartridges
(December 2016)
    Cartridge World (9)
Athinon 2
Town Hall
many can be REFILLED
  Printer ink and (toner) cartridges (May 2015) information on all brands pack for posting Free Post in the UK   download FREEpost label from STINKYINKshop
  Shoes matched pairs   RED bins Kalamata Kalamata and many other places in Greece
(March 2017)
old spectacles of all kinds    Blue bins OR
opticians in the UK(12)
Kalamata Kalamata and many other places in Greece
  Steel, scrap metal large and small items   Gypsies drive round with collecting vans Local Some will give you a phone number so you can arrange for a pick-up of larger items, but be careful they only take things meant for recycling!
  Textiles Clothes, household linen clean items RED bins Kalamata Kalamata and many other places in Greece
  Toys and games complete, unbroken   Gaia Base Ag Nikolaos  
  Tin cans Eg tomatoes, evaporated milk rinse/wipe and flatten Blue bins Local  
  Water filters, BRITA   dry out Blue bins Local (4) Germany & UK through distributors


(1) NOT BIODEGADEABLE carrier bags : Most supermarkets, now provide free recyclable carrier bags, ie will decompose within 1-4 years, they are NOT suitable for putting in the blue bins, and some are NOT suitable for composting either. They can be reused as carrier bags for a limited time, but are NOT suitable for long term storage as they will disintegrate even in the dark!! The best advice is to only get as many free supermarket bags as you need for general waste disposal. These are BETTER than bags bought for waste disposal., and for most shopping use good quality heavy duty plastic or fabric reusable bags.

(2) AB integrated recycling centres - The system provides additional incentives such as discount "rewards" (through purchases at AB stores), as well as the option to make an automatic donation of the cash equivalent to the Greek charity organization for children "TO HAMOGELO TOU PAIDIOU" (member of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children).The above apply only after recycling of glass, aluminium or PET plastic): you earn 1 cent for every: 1 aluminium can, 3 tin cans, 3 glass bottles, or 3 plastic bottles.

(3) Mobile phones - fonebank has a base in Greece. They buy old mobiles. Working or repairable phones are sent to developing countries. The rest are recycled for spares and precious metals. . Fonebank's UK website explains more

(4) Since 1992, all parts of BRITA filter cartridges can be completely reprocessed and the materials can be recycled. BRITA has confirmed that here in Greece, they should be put in Blue Bins . BRITA household water filters can be returned in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, France and Switzerland to the dealers or to the distributor who will then return them to BRITA for recycling (Nov 2015). BRITA RECYCLING

(5) In the Mani, Karamylii based Nick Papagiotapoulos(Bio3 Oil Company) will provide a barrel to anyone prepared to collect waste cooking oil , and he will collect the oil when the barrel is full. He will pay up to 20c/kilo for the oil which will go for biofuel. Tel 69444 56386 for details. For more on the benefits of recycling cooking oil see BIODIESEL

(6) Early in 2012, this initiative, which embraces all Greek households and uses the 12,000 pharmacies in the country, became active in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, EMA, and IFET the National Pharmaceutical Association and the Pharmaceutical Societies of individual countries and of OSFE. Please support this scheme. Do not throw medical products in the sink, basin or household waste - for the sake of individual and public health.

(7) The RED BIN scheme recycles all textiles - Clothes, bags, belts, paired shoes and household linens are all welcome and a RED BIN is conveniently located at the entrance to the main car park in Kalamata. For more information see RECYCOM.

(8) 'Irida' in Kardamyli makes beautiful objects out of recycled glass. They can accept broken pieces, or old Flat Glass and mirrors minimum size about 15x15 cm and bottles that you think have any interest either for colour or shape. They can't accept broken pieces of bottles, water glasses, very small pieces, or bottles from beer or wine . Call Giorgos on 27210 73759 or 6948 512368 for more information.

(9) For more info contact CARTRIDGE WORLD Email:   Tel: 27210 96172    Fax: 2721096193  Open every day except Sunday from 8:00am. For location of the other 42 branches in Greece, see

(10) Until there is a regular time for collection, you can phone the Department of Environment and sanitation 27213 60907  to arrange a delivery time. The container is near Christina Constantios' house. There is a map in SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN W MANI (December 2016)

(11) To dispose of mixed contruction waste, contact licensed Alternative management in Stavropigio - Kostas Mannousos 2721 11 0466, 6944 838686 (December 2016)

(12)  In the UK, old spectacles are accepted by Vision Aid, to raise money for their work in the developing world "...   are hand sorted in our warehouse in Crawley. Some go off to be recycled for precious metals, others are cleaned and sold on our Ebay shop or to specialist dealers and the rest are recycled for plastic"

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