Kalamata Dimos has actively supported recycling for some time, and have details on their Dimos website kalamata gr (Ανακύκλωση) about what can be recycled where, and WHY it should be recycled! The site is in Greek but there are many illustrations and here is a rough translation of the 'WHAT' and 'WHERE'. Many items can also be recycled locally in W Mani.

CARS :Ανακύκλωση αυτοκινήτων Old cars can be taken to any Alternative Management centers bearing the ΕΔΟΕ sign For more information contact the Department of Recycling Municipality of Kalamata tel: 27213 60858 or visit the website of the Alternative Vehicle Management Company Association (EDOE) www.edoe.gr

TRYES and ENGINE OIL :Ανακύκλωση ελαστικών, Tires for heavy vehicles, cars and machinery, mineral oils can be returned to their outlets for recycling. For professionals, it is sufficient to call the local collector and arrange a collection time. For more information visit the website of ECOELASTIKA SA www.ecoelastika.gr

CLOTHING-SHOES :ενδυμάτων - υποδημάτων Clean clothes, paired shoes, Linens (such as curtains, linen etc.) and bags can be put in one of the many RED BINS located around Kalamata Dirty or wet clothes, carpets, fabric scraps, and unpaired shoes should not be thrown in these bins. For more information visit the web site of the company company RECYCOM: www.recycom.gr
Some of the red bin locations:-
Vas. Olgas (ELTA)
Psaron & Solon (Courts)
Central Market (Agricultural Bank)
Municipal Parking Nedonta
Kanari (IKA)
Akritas (7th Primary School)
Akritas (3rd Primary School)

BULBS : Ανακύκλωση λαμπτήρων All kinds of bulbs can be recycled , but there are different containers for different types of bulb - pictures on the website For more information contact the Department of Recycling Municipality of Kalamata, or visit the web site of Recycling Devices Inc. www.electrocycle.gr

COOKING OILS: Ανακύκλωση μαγειρικών ελαίων All waste edible oils, i.e., vegetable oils (sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, coconut oil), olive pomace, etc., may be converted into biofuel. To participate and we in it, store the oil that we do not want anymore for water or soda bottles which then pour in special tanks located outside a large supermarket or in a special area of ​​the municipal garage (end Nedonta, North of Central Market). For more information contact the Department of Recycling Municipality of Kalamata tel: 27213 60858 or visit the website of the companies SEAT RECYCLING www.selas.com.gr and REVIVE www.revive.gr .

PRINTER CARTRIDGES: Ανακύκλωση μελανοδοχείων Empty cartridges laser and inkjet printers type collected in special recycling bins that are placed in Public Services, Banks and printers discount stores. For more information visit the website of Cartridge World www.cartridgeworld.gr Cartridge World in Kalamata (Athinon 2 & Eiras, 241 00) - Email: Tel: 2721096172Fax: 2721096193

BATTERIES :Ανακύκλωση μπαταριών
Batteries less than 1.5 kg All types of batteries up to 1500 grams collected in special recycling bins installed in all schools and public services. The batteries can be either primary (disposable) or secondary (rechargeable) and no matter what device they come from (from mobile phones, camcorders, computers), provided that it is not embedded in the product (for batteries that are embedded in devices see Appliance Recycling) For more information on recycling batteries below 1.5 kg contact the Recycling Department of the Municipality of Kalamata tel. 27213 60 858 or visit the website of AFIS http://www.afis.gr
Batteries exceeding 1.5 kg The car batteries and batteries generally exceeding 1500 grams must ... either be returned to the stores where they were bought ... or be transported to a special area of the municipal garage (end Nedonta, North Central Market). For more information on battery recycling more than 1.5 kg visit the website of the System of Alternative Management of Accumulators (SY.DE.SYS AU) http://www.sydesys.gr

PACKAGING RECYCLING Ανακύκλωση συσκευασιών BLUE BINS for Packaging Aluminium , eg soft drinks, beers etc. Packaging tinplate , eg from evaporated milk, tuna, feed concentrate, etc. Plastic , eg bottles and containers of water, soft drinks, yogurt, butter, oil, detergents, cleaning products, shampoo, shower gels, wrapping film, toothpaste, deodorants, etc. Plastic bags packing of goods i, eg bottles and jars, juices, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, etc. Food Packaging Paper & Cardboard , eg electric apparatus, milk, juices, cereals, pizza, cookies, sugar, detergents, paper bags, etc. (BLUE BELLS for glass jars/bottles)) For more information contact the Recycling Department of the Municipality of Kalamata tel. 27213 60858 or visit the web site of the Greek Recovery Recycling Corporation (EUPM) http://www.herrco.gr

DEVICES (electrical appliances) Ανακύκλωση συσκευών
small electrical appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, computers, televisions, scales, etc.), use the special green bins which are located outside of schools, public services or associate electrical stores and super market, while
large electrical appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric heaters, etc.), transfer the device in the space of municipal workshops (End Nedonta, North Central Market) or call at 27210 22441 to set date and time for collection. For more information about recycling devices please contact our recycling Municipality of Kalamata tel. 27213 60858 or visit the website of Recycling Devices Inc. http://www.electrocycle.gr Note: NO! Peddlers, ie people who earn an income by collecting various objects found on sidewalks or near houses, selling these devices to scrap metal dealers. In most cases they just remove all metal parts of the device and dump the rest in random dumps. Thus, leaving a device in the street is NOT recycling. It pollutes the environment, puts people in danger, and contributes to the formation and operation of illegal landfills.

DRUGS: Ανακύκλωση φαρμάκων Outside the city's pharmacies have placed special drugs green recycling bins. Use these bins for drugs which have become unfit for use, or because of damage to their packaging or due expiration date. For more information visit the web site of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Research www.ifet.gr . Pharmaceuticals that are still within date but no longer needed, can be given to voluntary groups who provide health services to our people without insurance and cannot afford medication. In Kalamata you can donate to - Welfare clinice (on site of the old hospital Kalamata) tel. Contact: 27210 89 840 - the voluntary pharmacy of the Red Cross ((daytime) in pharmacy EOPYY, Plato and Kanaris (former IKA - 1st floor), tel. 45 586 27210 and 27210 87737) - and to the community pharmacy, give to the pharmacist in your neighborhood (information at any pharmacy of Messinia or call 27210 93 267). 

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