May 2017 : New RED BINS for recycling clothing and footwear : The replacement of the red bins in Kalamata by the Recycom company, has begun.  Recycom cooperates with the Municipality of Kalamata to recycle clothing and footwear, offering - in return - food and toiletry items, to the City Grocery.  
Unfortunately many of the existing bins are suffering from vandalism,  commercial posters illegally pasted, and grafitti . Note: For illegal posting of notices on road traffic signs, traffic lights, bins or other temporary waste storage, in telephone kiosks, on municipal, public and private buildings, boxes of PPC, and on trees in public areas, the  fine is 500 euros Tharros
For details of the launch of the scheme 5 years ago, see below

The RED BIN scheme for recycling textiles, has been launched in a number of municipalities including Kalamata.
Clothes, bags, belts, paired shoes and household linens are all welcome and a RED BIN is conveniently located at the entrance to the main car park in Kalamata. There is also one by the Kostas Antonopoulos veterinary clinic
The scheme is operated by
Translated extracts from their website:-
" We will put our textile recycling bins anywhere you indicate without any financial or other burden to you. All you need to do is provide us a little space for our collecting bins, which measure 1 x 1 meter each. This will join the effort to sensitize our society to our overall responsibility for the quality of life and our environment. The things collected will be relieving dumps and landfills of a huge volume of useful materials.
" By encouraging recycling of stylish clothes and shoes in many parts of Greece we will be cultivating the right mindset regarding the issues of recycling and invites everyone to stop being indifferent. It's so simple for everyone, just open the bin and drop in things previously thrown in the trash!

" Only 2% ends up in garbage. The rest is sent to flea markets providing cheap or free clothing for disadvantaged groups. Old clothes can also be made into coveralls, rags, material for soundproofing and thermal insulation, stuffing for car seats, etc. After sorting, some clothes are offered free of charge to needy people in Greece. Another part of the clothing is available to people with low income, through second-hand shops and bazaars, at nominal prices, to cover costs. Further clothing is available for shipment to countries where there is an urgent need, such as natural disasters, war, etc

June 2012: A video by BEST TV, about the launch of the scheme in Kalamata last year RED BINS-YouTube


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