A comprehensive, simple, correct, guide to surviving a forest fire,-things we all need to know.
■ The Most Difficult Fire Situations are:
- Homes in a pine forest. - Gross plots.
- Narrow roads.
- Difficult for the Fire District.
- Just one escape route
- Strong air.
- Distant distance from water.
- Lots of people together.
- No cool reaction.
Naughty citizen escape without any organized plan with tragic results.
● (1) You leave when the Fire is still Far: Go Against the Wind.
With the strong air, you can see the fire at 1000 meters and in minutes it's at your feet. Don't sit and watch. Don't think about your home or your estate. Notify people and leave. You will go in the direction the wind is coming - that is, have the wind hitting your face.
● (2) Fire in Pefka - take it very seriously, get out of the area immediately:
Pine is the hardest,
it's dry with resin, burning pine cones that pop and with the ground full of pine needles.
The most natural flammable combination.!
If you combine burnt car fuel explosions we talk about the hardest combination. You need to get out of the woods
Move to lower altitude!
That's because the hot masses of the fire are moving up.
● (3) Fire Follows Smoke:
When you see the fire across the mountain and smoke comes against you it's a basic principle that the fire will follow the same course. If smoke comes on you, run go.
If you don't understand which way the smoke is going: Look up to the sky where its move is most correct.
● (4) If you've already been shortened by smoke: Wet yourself / Cover your mouth.
Basic principle-You don't lose your cool.
You put on you and whoever you have with a wet towel or a blouse on your face and you leave while the fire is still away.
● (5) You catch a march to the sea: Going to Katiforica
You move towards the sea if it's close. The lower the lower the vegetation and the more resistant the bushes to fire. Fall into the sea if needed.
If there's no sea near, you're still going downhill, never climbing uphill or mountain. Just get it down.
The fire usually goes up.
Also the fire runs faster on the uphill. Only an additional 10 degree inclination can double the speed of fire.
● (6) If you are in a residential area you go where there is Concrete or Body of Water:
Pillars of houses, paved squares, basketball courts, roads etc. Lay on concrete ground. The fire will pass over you. (Road be the last choice).
Otherwise: find a pool, tank, lake, river and lie inside.
● (7) Enter a Vine to save yourself:
If you enter estates that have vine you have a chance of being saved. It's harder to fire because it's humid.
● (If you're inside a Car and the fire has almost arrived Leave it:
Thermal created can reach up to 800 degrees Celsius.
Everything melts.
The car will melt, it won't save you, and it will blow up. Get out, shut the engine down, don't get under, walk away. Let it burn.
● (9) Don't Try to Race the Fire. Don't let her chase you.
A firewall can move at a speed of 33 kilometers per hour or faster and easily pass a runner. Furthermore, burning coals can skyrocket in unpredictable directions, many meters away igniting new explosions ahead as you try to get over the fire running. In vain effort!
● (10) When the fire reaches you - Stop running. Run to Get Inside Kamena:
If you don't make it, and the fire reaches you... and it catches you inside a forest area or a field, with low vegetation you do it for many unthinkable:
You run contrary, that is, you enter into the burnt!
You may burn your feet but you may be saved.
Running again looking for concrete, road something.
You never run for the fire to chase you!!!
It's a fact it will reach you and burn you.
● (11) In case of Exclusion - If you have been surrounded: Dig Laco.
If you have a troll, a tool or a wood... You dig a pit in the ground and enter in with your face towards the ground. If you have time, cover your body with the dirt you just dug. May your feet be towards the fire ahead. Above your head put on a garment or patania and on top of the soil.
There is oxygen from the porous of the ground. Keep your nose and mouth stuck in the ground.
The flame will go through and around. Once it passes over you, get up and breathe.
If you can't dig, your best choice is to spot a moat or deep stream or puddle or hole and fall in.
● (12) Take Foil with you:
If you have a house of foil take it with you, it doesn't catch fire. It is only flammable at very high temperatures of 660 degrees Celsius! At least somehow you will protect your head. Wrap it up! Also makes perfect shield and the aluminum windshield sun screen for the sun.
● (13) Latest and most risky method... The Anti-Fire!
Always in low vegetation.
The fire is coming... you set fire in front of you low vegetation by yourself, and with the air... That is, you move behind the smoke of fire you set, not in front of smoke. So there is a vacuum you create so you can cross and survive with the coming fire falling into burnt. The fire on the burnt ground stops.
● (14) Smoke inhalation: Dangerous for fainting on site, but also for breathing afterwards.
Most victims of fires first fell passed out from dense smoke and then in unconscious state burned.
Those who breathed smoke in their efforts to help should immediately contact their doctor: They should be administered oxygen, inhaled, antibiotic, fluids.
● (15): Other small instructions:
•-Remove any metal on top of you because it will start burning and you will burn.
• - Tie your hair.
•-Use patanies to put out the fire above you.
•-Don't try to save material goods, houses, cars etc
•-Let animals go before you go.
•-Turn off the gas before leaving home.
•-Only if you have time and if the fire is too far away: Radiate the roof of the house and the peaks of your nearby trees, as well as the dog bins, and any dry greens around, with the hose.
• - Always have a wool patania, jacket, foil, water in the car.
•-If you decide to help extinguish: Take a N95 mask with you, or wear double surgical masks (now that we have many due to the Coronavirus pandemic).
• - Don't play the hero!
Dr. Elena Hapesii
(family member of firefighters)

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