We have been informed of attempted burglaries while people were out/away. Concern has been expressed about the number of people mentioning their absence/holiday plans on Facebook. Do not publish your absences/holidays on Facebook. Even if you think you have a 'private' setting, your 'friends' may not be, and such publicity only help the thieves! 

The police in Kardamili, tel. 27210 73209

The police in Kalamata, tel. 27210 44654

When burglaries were reported several years ago,, the following check list was prepared. It may be wise to take some protective measures, e g

Warning: Be careful with handbags and backpacks, especially in a crowd or at checkouts. Documents, for example driver's license, car papers, passports and bank cards, are best kept in a zippered compartment of your handbag.

A good tip: Copy all documents and either carry or keep copies at home, which makes replacing the papers easier and helps the police report.

Could you identify YOUR tablet?

With the recent spate of burglaries, the issue of identification has been raised. If you had your ipad, or any other electronic device, stolen, and it was recovered from the thieves, would you be able to claim it?

UV markers can be used to put an invisible identifier on electronic or other items, or you can use some physical identifier, such as paint or scratch marks, but the maker's serial number is something that can't be moved/changed

There are several ways of identifying the serial number of a piece of equipment.

1) The box the item came in, usually has a unique identifier
2) A serial number stamped/moulded into the item
3) All items have a unique serial number BUT with many modern electronic devices there is no physical number just stamped on the item. You have to go into the sofware on the item, to find the identification. How to do this is not obvious, but there is plenty of help on line.

eg For Apple products see ipad-identification
For cell phones see ehow

Whether a device is lost or stolen, being able to identify it could help the police recover the item.  Do not forget, notify your service provider immediately if your phone is lost or stolen or you may be responsible for calls made on the phone when it is out of your possession.

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